How Coaches Get To Sustainable $10k+ Months

And Find High-Ticket Clients

Who Pay premium prices.

Learn from one of the top Spiritual business coaches online

how to attract clients who pay over $5k per your soul-aligned offers!

here's what you'll learn:


The NEW Model of Conscious Coaching that doesn't require Endless Course Launches or Large Email Lists.


How to attract High-End Clients by speaking from your Soul Expertise even if you don't consider yourself a high-end coach yet.


Why rigid masculine cookie-cutter strategies didn't work for you before and what system you need instead to get paid well for your Soul Work.

meet your host:

Eugenia Oganova is A Business Strategist & Marketing Energetics Coach.

She helped hundreds of clients activate momentumcatalyze awakening, and fast-track business success, turning timelines of decades into mere months.

She's been featured in over 100 publications, became a best-selling authorgenerated multiple 7-figures of revenue working with clients around the world. She's also clairvoyant since birth.

Eugenia specializes in helping online coaches dramatically increase their monthly income, by $10k or a $100k depending on your business level, all without the added pressure, sacrificing personal well-being, or succumbing to the dreaded burnout.

  • Over the past 20+ years Eugenia's clients have transformed their lives, 10x the value of their investment, and activated their unique profit potential.

  • She works with the top 1% of the 1% – her clients are here to serve humanity at the highest level – conscious coaches on a mission.

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